The App "Mindfulness and relaxation"

We have developed an App that is aimed primarily at everyone out there, who wants to choose when you need a short or longer break, a one-time recovery, go down the lap (reduce the stress level) relax, increase your body awareness or become more Present in the present.
Exercises are simple and should not be compared or assessed more than by actually doing the exercises. Because that's when you exercise as you notice the effect / results. We'd love to share your experiences at the bottom of the page.

The app contains simple exercises and suits both you who have never exercised before and to those who want to maintain your training / exercise regularly.
The exercises aim to train the ability to increase attendance and awareness, get more control in stressful situations, as well as increased body awareness. When downloading, you will have direct access to 8 exercises, no additional costs incurred.
Also suitable as a compliment for mindfulness courses.

The App is available for Iphone and Android phones.
Enter "Mindfulness and Relaxation" ore "Evolution Sweden" in the search box on your mobile where you download apps. Once you download the app, you have access to all exercises, both in English and Swedish

English voices:

The eight exercises are recorded by Mimmi Kandler and Andrew Cowie

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